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Beldoe digital bell timer system is a specialized device or software application used to schedule and control the ringing of bells or other audible signals in various settings, such as schools, universities, factories, offices, and public spaces. It provides an automated and accurate way to manage and coordinate time-based events, such as class periods, shift changes, breaks, or any other predetermined activities. It comes with our Best in class Digital bell timer system & Metal Speaker with Inbuilt Amplifier.


Key features of our product:

  • 16x2 LCD Display
  • 4 Keys Tactical keypad
  • 7 days Programming
  • With Inbuilt Media Player 
  • Can set up to 50 intervals per day
  • PIN Authentication for Enhanced Security
  • Play any sound on the click of a button
  • Large amount of storage with a 4 GB Memory Card
  • Bluetooth Support to play sounds of your choice

Beldoe Digital Bell Timer System with Bluetooth Support & Metal Speaker

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