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A two-way audio broadcasting system is a communication system that allows two or more parties to exchange audio information in real-time. This type of system can be used for various purposes, including radio broadcasting, conferencing, intercoms, online meetings, and more.


Key features of our product:

  • We Support One to One Communication with Talk Back (Two Way Communication), Common Announcements, Group Calls, Selective Calls for all channels
  • Inbuilt Digital bell timer system with Schedule Import & Export Functionality
  • External Mic Support for both master and slave unit
  • Requires 220 volts power supply
  • Bluetooth Support to connect devices of your choice
  • Play any sound of your choice with our inbuilt music player
  • Comes with Metal Body Speakers with Inbuilt Amplifier & Mic Support for two way communication
  • Works on daisy chain pattern, i.e one speaker to another and so on


Also, Beldoe two-way broadcasting system can be used as School broadcasting System. Its purpose is to serve school & Educations Institutions with its Hitech design and Innovation. It has inbuilt time system which is very useful for Schools & Educational Institutions.

Beldoe School Broadcast System with Inbuilt Timer System

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